CBN 2021

The Thiruppumunai show airs Monday to Friday from 01:30/pm to 02:00/pm.

Thiruppumunai is a Tamil show based on real-life stories of ordinary people living extraordinary lives through the power of God.

It draws attention to problems that we face as individuals and as a society and presents us with solutions as the show progresses.

Faithful testimony from Brother Ashok naidu , He was chirstian but not real in life he were drunker and enjoying the life , parties ect. On the mean time he was meat sekar.

Sekar was doing Gods ministry . He was saying Gods love to all the neighbours.

Sekar was keep on touch with ashok to say Gods words but ashok was rejecting him. One time Ashok thought to go church . He was going regular to church. One of the day he was touched by God and got baptisim.